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Steve's Recent TV Appearances

Steve appears every month on NBC’s Today Show and routinely on The Dr Oz Show. Steve can also be seen demonstrating innovative products in America's top TV markets including CW11 NYC, WGN Chicago, NBC Seattle, NBC Washington DC, CBS Houston and ABC Tampa. Steve was the host of Food Network’s Invention Hunters.

Also be sure to check out Steve's YouTube Channel to see him demoing many of the products he's shown on TV.

Steve Greenberg, author of “Gadget Nation,” demos an array of ghoulish (but great) gadgets for Halloween fun on the Today Show.
Steve Greenberg demos insanely clever ideas to organize your life on The Dr. Oz Show.
FOX Houston clip of Steve Greenberg's current nationwide tech segment - Problem Solving Gadgets.

Some of the stations on Steve's TV tours include:
Steve also appears regularly on DECADES TV. Check out his latest clip.
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